The Client

L*Space is a popular swimwear and apparel brand that offers a range of stylish and high-quality products to their customers.


Prior to Ads By Ashley's involvement, L*Space was only running Brand Campaigns on Google and Retention/Remarketing Campaigns on Facebook. They were spending approximately $5k per month on advertising, but their campaigns were not generating enough new customers. They also lacked a comprehensive advertising strategy that could help them scale their business.


Ads By Ashley started by conducting a thorough analysis of L*Space's existing advertising campaigns and identified a significant opportunity to focus on new customer acquisition through Prospecting Campaigns on Facebook and Google. Ads By Ashley worked closely with L*Space's creative team to develop a robust advertising strategy that would help them attract and retain new customers.

Ads By Ashley’s approach to scaling L*Space's advertising campaigns was to shift their focus away from Brand and Retention/Remarketing Campaigns and towards Prospecting Campaigns that would attract new customers to the brand.

Ads By Ashley also worked hand-in-hand with the creative team to develop new ad ideas on a bi-weekly basis. These ideas were centered around UGC as a way to introduce new customers to the brand. The team was able to identify carousels as their secret to success. By carefully selecting imagery and providing feedback for upcoming shoots, Ads by Ashley was able to achieve a much higher CTR and CVR for the brand.


Within six months, L*Space was able to scale their advertising spend from approximately $5k per month to over $60k per month. This was a massive achievement and reflected the success of Ads By Ashley’s new acquisition-focused advertising strategy.

The shifted focus on Prospecting Campaigns allowed L*Space to attract a significant number of new customers to the brand, which in turn led to a 100% increase in sales YoY. Ads By Ashley’s partnership with L*Space's creative team also helped to develop new and innovative ad ideas that resonated with their target audience, which contributed to the brand's growth.

L*Space was thrilled with the results of their partnership with Ads By Ashley, as their data-driven approach to campaign optimization and her ability to work closely with L*Space's creative team was instrumental in helping the brand achieve its goals and scale its business.