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Girlfriend Collective

The Client

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable and ethical activewear brand that has been growing rapidly since its inception in 2016.


Girlfriend Collective had been spending $30k per month on advertising, which had generated modest results. The brand was looking to scale its ad spend to reach a wider audience and generate more sales. However, they needed a strategy to do so efficiently without wasting resources on ineffective ad campaigns.


Ads By Ashley was hired to lead the advertising efforts for Girlfriend Collective. The team began by restructuring their ad account, which involved creating new campaigns and ad sets to target specific audiences.

Ads By Ashley also implemented a bi-weekly testing process to continuously optimize the ad campaigns. This included testing new audiences, ad formats, and messaging to determine what worked best for the brand's target audience. This approach allowed us to quickly identify which ad campaigns were generating the most revenue and which ones needed to be adjusted or scrapped. Ads By Ashley also provided actionable feedback on their existing ad creatives and copy.

One of the team's key initiatives was to increase the amount of video content and user-generated content (UGC) in their ad campaigns. The team believed that this would not only be more engaging for the audience but also allow Girlfriend Collective to showcase their sustainability and ethical practices through real-life examples. This approach proved to be a huge success, as video content and UGC became some of the brand's most effective drivers of sales.


Ads By Ashley’s efficient scaling of Girlfriend Collective's ad spend had a significant impact on the brand's sales. Within a 5-month period, the brand's ad spend increased from $30k to over $100k per month. This increase in ad spend resulted in over $4M in sales, which was a significant increase from their previous performance.

The restructuring of the ad account, the bi-weekly testing process, and the focus on video content and UGC were all key factors in this success. Ads By Ashley’s approach allowed Girlfriend Collective to reach a wider audience and generate more revenue without wasting resources on ineffective campaigns.


Ads By Ashley’s efficient scaling of Girlfriend Collective's ad spend is an excellent example of how data-driven testing and optimization can lead to significant results. By restructuring the ad account, providing actionable feedback, and testing new audiences, Ads By Ashley was able to increase the brand's ad spend while maintaining efficiency. The focus on video content and UGC proved to be a particularly effective approach, demonstrating the importance of engaging and authentic advertising.